Invest In A Johnny Depp Style Skull Ring

Johnny Depp's tough image and fashion sense may have influenced you to invest in a skull ring that is similar to one that Depp wears. Consider how this actor represents himself and shop for jewelry that inspires you. A Personal Journey A skull ring can be used to symbolize life and death or to reflect upon a personal journey that a person has endured. Your admiration for Depp may be based on his past television and movie roles or the manner in which he interacts with his family, friends, and fans. Read More 

Make These Choices When You Order A Custom Signet Ring

A signet ring can be a stylish piece of jewelry to wear. While some people wear their signet ring daily, another option is to slide this ring onto your finger only when you get dressed up. It's possible to buy signet rings, but if you want your piece of jewelry to have a particularly custom look, it can be fun to have a custom jeweler make it for you. Choose a jewelry shop that produces custom pieces, and then sit down with a jeweler to discuss your design. Read More 

A Step-By-Step Guide to Natural Golden Diamond Ring Selection

Are you ready to pop the question, but not sure where, or how, to buy the just-right bauble for the love of your life? If a natural golden diamond ring is in your soon-to-be fiance's future, take a look at the step-by-step jewelry buying guide to follow.  Choose the Right Retailer All jewelry retailers are not equal. While most jewelers sell gold and diamonds, you also need to find a retailer that offers an easy buying experience and plenty of options. Read More