Make These Choices When You Order A Custom Signet Ring

A signet ring can be a stylish piece of jewelry to wear. While some people wear their signet ring daily, another option is to slide this ring onto your finger only when you get dressed up. It's possible to buy signet rings, but if you want your piece of jewelry to have a particularly custom look, it can be fun to have a custom jeweler make it for you. Choose a jewelry shop that produces custom pieces, and then sit down with a jeweler to discuss your design. Here are three choices that you'll need to make when you order a custom signet ring.


The first thing to think about when you're going to order a custom signet ring is what letter(s) you want the ring to feature. There are all sorts of different options that you can consider. Some people favor just one letter that represents their surname. Another option is to have two letters, representing your given name and surname. If you have one or more middle names, you might think about having these letters represented in the design, too.


One of the fun parts about ordering a custom signet ring is deciding what font you want your letter(s) to be. Some people favor a plain font that makes the letter(s) easy to read, but another option is to choose more of a stylish font. A script-style font, for example, can help to give this piece of jewelry somewhat of a regal look. Your custom jeweler can show you samples of a long list of fonts so that you can choose a design that resonates with you. You'll also need to decide what color you want the font to be. For example, you might want black on a gold background, or gold on a black background.


You should also think about what size you want the letter(s) on your signet ring to appear. If your design will feature just a single letter, it will often be possible to have this letter appear on the larger side. Conversely, if you want three or four letters to appear on the ring, you may have to have them appear smaller so that they fit on the face of the ring. There are other factors to think about, too. If you're the type of person who doesn't want your jewelry designs to seem flashy, you may feel better about a smaller letter size. Contact a custom jewelry shop to discuss plans for your signet ring.