Why A Rolex Watch Might Stop Working

Has your new Rolex watch suddenly stopped working and you have no idea why? There are a few things that can be responsible for the problem. It is possible that a jeweler can bring your watch back to a working order by making one or more repairs. Take a look at this article to gain more insight on what can cause a Rolex watch to become problematic. 1. Winding the Watch is Needed Read More 

3 Ideas for Holiday Presents That Can Make an Impression and Will Be Remembered

If you want to make an impression on family and friends this holiday season with exceptional gifts, you may want to consider presents that leave a lasting impression. Instead of the conventional material present, consider practical or personalized solutions. Things like practical gifts and personalized items can mean a lot more than material items. Here are some ideas for Christmas presents that spread the gift of giving and the spirit of the holidays: Read More 

Myths And Truths About Silver Coins

If you are thinking about buying or selling silver coins, you may be curious about their worth, how to take care of them or other issues. Unfortunately, however, there are lots of myths about silver coins. Here is the truth behind several popular myths. 1. Myth: Only really old silver coins are worth money. Truth: If you are hunting for coins with a metal detector and you find an ancient silver coin, chances are that it's going to be worth some proverbial gold, but you don't necessarily have to find ancient coins for them to be worth something. Read More 

Buying Your Engagement Ring At A Pawn Shop

If you are preparing to buy your fiance a diamond, don't limit yourself to the jewelry store. Do consider buying it at a resale store or pawn shop. Because these establishments loan money for jewelry or buy it outright, they are able to offer you amazingly low prices for their wares. If you have a limited budget but a taste for elegance, a pawn shop can be the answer to your diamond needs. Read More 

Which Jewelry Materials Need To Be Stored Separately From The Rest Of Your Collection?

Building up a collection of brand new designer jewelry or family heirlooms calls for investing in quality storage equipment that matches the materials in your collection. Storing a set of fragile 100-year-old pearl earrings in the same way as you package your sports watch could leave your favorite items permanently damaged. Mix and match the right types of organizers and storage containers by considering the needs of the most delicate jewelry materials first. Read More