Why A Rolex Watch Might Stop Working

Has your new Rolex watch suddenly stopped working and you have no idea why? There are a few things that can be responsible for the problem. It is possible that a jeweler can bring your watch back to a working order by making one or more repairs. Take a look at this article to gain more insight on what can cause a Rolex watch to become problematic.

1. Winding the Watch is Needed

The most important aspect of keeping a Rolex watch in a good condition is to wind it regularly. Basically, winding a Rolex is necessary in order for the parts to receive the energy needed to function as they should. There is a spring that slowly uncoils and releases energy for up to so many hours to keep the watch running, but problems arise when it fully uncoils. The spring can actually wind back up on its own with your natural arm movements, but automatic winding might not occur if you don't wear the watch a lot. You can attempt winding the crown to see if your watch begins working, but the problem may be more serious if it doesn't work.

2. Parts Are Broken

It is possible that your Rolex watch has stopped working because there are broken parts inside of it. For instance, the main spring may have become loose and may need to be fixed. If you have attempted to wind the crown and can't feel any strain in the process, it might be a spring problem. A jeweler can re-tighten the spring if it is the root cause of the problem. He or she can also look at other parts inside of the Rolex to make sure they are in good shape, as it is possible that you purchased a faulty watch.

3. The Battery is Not in Good Shape

The majority of Rolex watches do not need batteries to run, as winding them up is how power is supplied. However, there are some brands that do run off of batteries. It is possible that your Rolex has a battery that is no longer functional, even though it is a new watch. The battery can be faulty, or it can have rust on it that is not allowing it to make full contact with the connections in the watch. Get in touch with a Rolex watch repair specialist, such as those found at Hayes Jewelers, to find out what kind of repairs are necessary.