Five Unexpected And Unique Gem Jewelry For Holiday Gift-Giving

Give something different and unexpected this holiday; instead of giving the same gemstones and jewelry items, look for pieces that are less conventional. There are some striking gemstones that could comprise the piece that brings smiles, or perhaps tears, on Christmas morning. These stones vary in their availability, so talk with your jeweler to ensure you have your item in time for the holidays. Five unexpected and distinctive jewelry ideas for holiday gift-giving include: Read More 

4 Unique Alternatives To Traditional Diamond Wedding Rings

If you and your future spouse are shopping for wedding rings, then you might want to consider some options other than traditional wedding bands made of gold and diamonds. There is a wide variety of other stones and materials on the market today that make beautiful and lasting jewelry options. Here are four alternative options besides the traditional gold and diamond styles: Alternative #1: Wood Wedding Rings Craftsmen who work with wood often create amazing rings out of exotic woods. Read More 

3 Ways To Save On Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, money is an issue, even if you want to say that money is no object. You still have to figure out how to pay for that ring, while paying for everything else. However, getting an engagement ring that everyone loves doesn't have to break the bank.  Look For A Bigger Surface Area If you can't afford to buy a pricey, multi-karat ring, look for a ring that is shallower but with a larger surface size. Read More 

Classic Cameo Brooch Styles You Might Find At An Estate Sale

The cameo brooch is an iconic image. They are synonymous with Victorian era jewelry. They were also very popular during the early part of the 20th century. You might have seen them on the popular television show Downton Abbey. If you are interested in finding unique jewelry, specifically cameo brooches, then you might want to investigate estate sales. You can still buy cameo brooches today, but the new ones are usually made with agate. Read More 

Discover The True Beauty Behind Used Engagement Rings

Far too many people believe that the only benefit that comes with buying a used engagement price is a lower price tag. While it is true that these rings can often be bought for far less than a new ring, this is only one of the impressive benefits that used rings have to offer. In fact, once you discover the true beauty behind used engagement rings, the size of your budget will likely have little to do with your decision to buy a used ring. Read More