Five Unexpected And Unique Gem Jewelry For Holiday Gift-Giving

Give something different and unexpected this holiday; instead of giving the same gemstones and jewelry items, look for pieces that are less conventional. There are some striking gemstones that could comprise the piece that brings smiles, or perhaps tears, on Christmas morning. These stones vary in their availability, so talk with your jeweler to ensure you have your item in time for the holidays.

Five unexpected and distinctive jewelry ideas for holiday gift-giving include:

Chocolate diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds are a hot gemstone this holiday season, and everybody wants one of these rich, cognac-colored gemstones often found in Brazil or the Congo. Be sure that the stones that you select are naturally-colored diamonds, which will be a bit more expensive than those that are color-treated. Consider a pair of chocolate diamond solitaire earrings for her, or a sophisticated diamond tie-tack for him.

Boulder opals.

Boulder opals are fiery, magnificent stones found only in Queensland, Australia. These are gorgeous, dancing stones that appear to change colors in the depth of each stone. To fully appreciate the fire and sparkle of these gems, larger stones such as in pendants, bracelets, or rings might be the best approach for buyers.


The Bahamas are known for their Tanzanite mines, and this rich bluish-purple stone is stunning and regal. Tanzanite is often found in smaller cuts, faceted to sparkle and shine. Tanzanite would be ideal in a pair of earrings or in the accents of a watch.


Larimar is a watery-blue stone that looks very much like the area that it is found in, the Virgin Islands. This stone is typically cut and polished, rather than faceted, and it evokes a serene, tranquil mood when worn or displayed. Larimar is lovely, and looks best in bigger pieces such as in pendants, cufflinks, or rings.


Maine and Canada are recognized for some of the most beautiful and distinctive Tourmaline found. This stone can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes, and the price usually depends on a lot of factors, including availability, size, weight, and flaws. It is not unusual to find earrings and bracelets made from the smaller Tourmaline gemstones, but a pendant or ring would make a stunning gift this holiday season.

Try one of these five suggestions when looking for distinctive jewelry that will be unexpected and stunning. Talk with your jeweler about custom items that suit your recipient's lifestyle and preferences, while highlighting the inherent beauty of these unique stones. You will be happy that you thought outside the box a bit this year when you see the smile on Christmas morning!

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