Pieces To Add To Your Fine Jewelry Collection, Where To Find Them, And Tips For Storing Them

Fine jewelry is made from gemstones and precious metals. It's usually worn to dinners, parties, events, and other special occasions. It costs more than fashion jewelry or costume jewelry, and it needs to be cared for properly.

Fine jewelry completes your fashion ensemble. You don't need too many pieces, and it's not too late to get started building a collection if you have the budget for it. After all, fine jewelry is an investment since it holds its value and even becomes more valuable. Here are suggestions for pieces to buy and where you can find them.

Classic Fine Jewelry You May Want To Own

Gold or diamond stud earrings or cuffs have a classic look. You may even want gold hoops for a more casual style. Gold and diamonds can be worn with nearly any type of outfit. Pearls are also a good choice in earrings. You can also find gemstone earrings, but since these come in bright colors, you may only be able to wear them with certain outfits, and that might be cost-prohibitive if you can't wear the jewelry very often.

Gold and pearl necklaces are also classic fine jewelry that go with a lot of different outfits and colors. Another piece of fine jewelry you may want for your collection is a gold watch. You may or may not want to add gemstone rings to your collection if you're already wearing an engagement and wedding ring. If you're not wearing rings, you might want a gemstone ring with your birthday gem.

Places To Buy Fine Jewelry

The best place to buy your pieces is at a fine jewelry store. You can feel confident the pieces are genuine and priced fairly. Plus, you can find a good selection including classic pieces and trendy designs. A fine jewelry store may have antique pieces too, but those are limited to what they happen to find.

You might try looking for unique fine jewelry at an estate sale or a pawn shop. However, you'll risk buying something that's not worth the price you pay for it. If the piece is very expensive, you might want an independent appraisal before you buy from a personal seller rather than a jewelry store.

Ways To Care For Your Fine Jewelry

You may want a jewelry safe for your home to protect your jewelry from theft. At the very least, you should take care when storing the pieces so they don't get tangled or lost. You might want to store them in individual cases or silk bags.

Also, be careful about when and where you wear your pieces. You probably don't want to wear them casually unless it's something you wear all the time, such as a gemstone ring. You may want to clean the pieces regularly to remove salt from perspiration and body oils so the gold stays bright and shiny.

When fine jewelry is cared for properly, it's obvious that it's high-quality gold and gems due to the way it sparkles and has a lustrous color. Fashion jewelry may look similar, but it's no match for the beauty of fine jewels and precious metals.

For more information on fine jewelry, contact a professional near you.