What Determines The Cost Of A Custom Wedding Ring?

A custom wedding ring is a unique piece of jewelry that is custom-made to fit your style and budget. However, custom rings can be expensive due to the complexity of the design process and the materials used.

If you want to custom design your wedding ring, here are a few factors that will affect the cost. 

Type of Metal

The type of metal used in custom rings will have an impact on the overall price. Different metals like gold, platinum, and silver come with different costs, so it is important to consider which metal you want for your custom wedding ring.

For example, platinum, gold, and titanium are typically more expensive than silver or brass due to their rarity and durability. But these materials may be worth the extra cost if you're looking for something that will last a lifetime.

Gemstones and Engraving

If you want to add a custom touch to your custom wedding ring, you may consider adding gemstones or custom engraving. Gemstones can add a personal touch and make your custom ring genuinely one-of-a-kind.

However, this will add to the overall cost of the ring since they can be expensive depending on their size and quality. For example, diamonds are typically more expensive than other gemstone options, such as sapphires or rubies.

Engraving is also another custom touch you can add to your custom wedding ring. Whether it's a special message or initials, custom engraving is another great way to make your custom ring unique. However, this will also add to the cost of the custom design process since it takes time and skill to engrave a custom message.

Setting Type

The type of setting used for custom rings can also affect the cost. Setting refers to the way the metal and stones are held together. Popular custom ring settings include prong, bezel, and tension. Each setting type will have its own costs, so it's important to understand which setting type best suits your custom wedding ring.

Prong settings are the most popular custom ring setting and consist of metal prongs that hold the stone in place. This type of setting is usually more affordable than bezel or tension settings, but it also offers less protection for the stones.

Bezel and tension settings are more secure and provide more protection for the stones, but they can be quite complex due to the more intricate design process.

Customized wedding rings can be expensive, but with careful planning and research, you can find a custom design that meets your needs and budget. By considering these factors, you can get the perfect custom ring for your big day.

Reach out to a jeweler to learn more about custom-design wedding rings.