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Why A Rolex Watch Might Stop Working

Has your new Rolex watch suddenly stopped working and you have no idea why? There are a few things that can be responsible for the problem. It is possible that a jeweler can bring your watch back to a working order by making one or more repairs. Take a look at this article to gain more insight on what can cause a Rolex watch to become problematic.

1. Winding the Watch is Needed

The most important aspect of keeping a Rolex watch in a good condition is to wind it regularly. Basically, winding a Rolex is necessary in order for the parts to receive the energy needed to function as they should. There is a spring that slowly uncoils and releases energy for up to so many hours to keep the watch running, but problems arise when it fully uncoils. The spring can actually wind back up on its own with your natural arm movements, but automatic winding might not occur if you don’t wear the watch a lot. You can attempt winding the crown to see if your watch begins working, but the problem may be more serious if it doesn’t work.

2. Parts Are Broken

It is possible that your Rolex watch has stopped working because there are broken parts inside of it. For instance, the main spring may have become loose and may need to be fixed. If you have attempted to wind the crown and can’t feel any strain in the process, it might be a spring problem. A jeweler can re-tighten the spring if it is the root cause of the problem. He or she can also look at other parts inside of the Rolex to make sure they are in good shape, as it is possible that you purchased a faulty watch.

3. The Battery is Not in Good Shape

The majority of Rolex watches do not need batteries to run, as winding them up is how power is supplied. However, there are some brands that do run off of batteries. It is possible that your Rolex has a battery that is no longer functional, even though it is a new watch. The battery can be faulty, or it can have rust on it that is not allowing it to make full contact with the connections in the watch. Get in touch with a Rolex watch repair specialist, such as those found at Hayes Jewelers, to find out what kind of repairs are necessary.

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3 Ideas for Holiday Presents That Can Make an Impression and Will Be Remembered

If you want to make an impression on family and friends this holiday season with exceptional gifts, you may want to consider presents that leave a lasting impression. Instead of the conventional material present, consider practical or personalized solutions. Things like practical gifts and personalized items can mean a lot more than material items. Here are some ideas for Christmas presents that spread the gift of giving and the spirit of the holidays:

1. Practical Presents That Help Give A Meaning To The Gift Of Giving

To give a gift, you do not need to buy the biggest and most expensive present. Sometimes, a present that is practical can mean something more. Consider people close to you, such as those that work in trade, whom you may want to gift something like a good pair of gloves, a simple hand tool or other practical gift. Woodworking tools can be a great gift for a carpenter in your family. Maybe you know hobbies of those close to you, and your gift can be something to do with the person’s hobbies. A practical gift with leave an impression and be used.

2. Personalized Holiday Decorations That Will Be Remembered Year After Year

Sometimes, it may be hard to think of a good practical gift for those close to you. Instead of something practical, give them something with meaning. This can be personalized Christmas decorations that have a message. Decorations are good because they are something that will be used and remembered year after year. They also allow you to create something that is meaningful and has a message that you want to share.

3. Adding To Presents With Handcrafted Details Like Boxes, Wrapping, Displays And More

When you put forth an effort to create the perfect present, sometimes it can mean a mountain more than anything you could ever buy. This can be custom gift boxes that you make yourself to give your gifts. These can be fun decoration projects for kids, too. You may also want to do things like make your own wrapping paper. For presents you want to have a special meaning, consider displays and wood boxes. You can also make some presents or parts of presents, such as a wood case for practical presents, which can be brazed with a personalized design or message using a soldering iron.

These are some Christmas present ideas that can help you spread the true meaning of giving and sacrifice. If you are ready to start preparing presents that leave a meaningful impression, contact a company such as Creative Elements 4 You.

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Myths And Truths About Silver Coins

If you are thinking about buying or selling silver coins, you may be curious about their worth, how to take care of them or other issues. Unfortunately, however, there are lots of myths about silver coins. Here is the truth behind several popular myths.

1. Myth: Only really old silver coins are worth money.

Truth: If you are hunting for coins with a metal detector and you find an ancient silver coin, chances are that it’s going to be worth some proverbial gold, but you don’t necessarily have to find ancient coins for them to be worth something. There are also relatively modern silver coins that can be worth cash. For example, quarters minted before 1965 feature more silver than their modern counterparts, and they can be worth over $3.

2. Myth: You should clean all the silver coins you find.

Truth: Cleaning coins can actually ruin them in many cases. If you find a coin that is so caked with dirt that you cannot even tell what it is, feel free to soak it in some water with a few drops of gentle dish soap. Then, gently rub it with a very soft cloth to help remove the debris. Don’t agitate the coin with a scrub brush, and don’t even dry it aggressively. Both of those things may wear down the coin or leave scratches.

In all other cases, don’t even wash the coin. You may accidentally scrub off some of the deep coloration that has formed over the years, and washing that off could diminish the coin’s value.

3. Myth: Silver is very durable.

Truth: Silver is more durable than gold, but it is still a relatively soft metal, and you should take extreme care not to damage your silver coins. When handling them, wear gloves if possible to prevent your skin oils from getting onto the metal. Also, place a towel under the area where you are examining your coins so that you don’t drop them and dent them. Finally, don’t even talk over the coin as you may accidentally spit on it, and that water is not good for it.

4. Myth: Only mint condition coins are worth money.

Truth: For coin collectors, truly mint condition coins are the ideal, but depending on the rarity of the coin, scuffed or slightly blemished coins can also be worth money. However, if you have a silver coin that is so old or nicked up that you can barely tell what it is, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth money. Take it to someone who buys silver coins or someone who buys precious metals in general. If it has no value as a collectible coin, it may still have value just based on melting down the silver in it.


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Buying Your Engagement Ring At A Pawn Shop

If you are preparing to buy your fiance a diamond, don’t limit yourself to the jewelry store. Do consider buying it at a resale store or pawn shop. Because these establishments loan money for jewelry or buy it outright, they are able to offer you amazingly low prices for their wares. If you have a limited budget but a taste for elegance, a pawn shop can be the answer to your diamond needs.


The jewelry in these stores can often be purchased for approximately half the normal retail price. When you are in the market for an engagement ring, this price difference can enable you to buy a diamond that is twice the size of the one you originally planned. If you stick with the smaller diamond, you can take the savings and use them to pay for at least part of your wedding. Several thousand dollars can make a big dent in the reception costs. 


The quality of these rings is exactly what you would find in a jewelry store. There will be a variety of diamond sizes and settings. Some of the diamonds will be a superior cut and clarity while others will be quite inferior. You will need to know something about diamonds when you are shopping for the ring. If you are afraid of making a mistake, take along someone who is well versed in diamonds or someone who owns a high-quality diamond. You can use their stone as a comparison point for any rings you consider. For instance, you should be able to easily judge the color of the stone in this way. Do look at the diamond through a loupe to judge its interior flaws. 


You should consult with your fiance before purchasing the ring at a pawn shop. Although diamonds and gold are recycled all the time, some people have a negative view of “used” jewelry. If your fiance has a problem with the process, you should not proceed, no matter how tempting the prices are. However, many people see the practicality of this route, and will not object at all. Hopefully, your fiance is a member of the latter group. 

A pawn shop or resale shop is an excellent place to get high-quality jewelry at extremely low prices. You do need to educate yourself before you buy, but as long as you go in armed with information, your mission should be a successful and highly satisfying one. 

For jewelry, contact a company such as Sol’s Jewelry & Loan.

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Which Jewelry Materials Need To Be Stored Separately From The Rest Of Your Collection?

Building up a collection of brand new designer jewelry or family heirlooms calls for investing in quality storage equipment that matches the materials in your collection. Storing a set of fragile 100-year-old pearl earrings in the same way as you package your sports watch could leave your favorite items permanently damaged. Mix and match the right types of organizers and storage containers by considering the needs of the most delicate jewelry materials first.

Colored and Natural Stones

From the largest true diamonds to the smallest dyed amethysts, all types of gemstones deserve special handling. Most natural stones used in fine and costume jewelry, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are relatively brittle and grow easier to crack as they age. Treated and dyed stones are even softer and likely to scratch if left to rub against other pieces of jewelry in an open drawer.

Diamonds should be wrapped in a velvet bag or stored in their own smaller padded box since these stones are hard enough to scratch practically any other jewelry material. If you own a pendant or a set of dangling earrings with diamonds mounted into metal, you should store these pieces in padded containers so that the stones can’t rub against the chain or posts.

Mother of Pearl and Pearls

Both ocean-related jewelry materials are softer than most metals and some stones. Whole natural pearls are particularly sensitive to scratching and denting when coming in contact with harder materials. On the flip side, storing pearls in an airtight container causes them to dry out and flake or crack instead. Look for ventilated boxes and bags to protect the surface of each pearl item without separating it from the ambient air moisture.

Items covered in thin layers of mother of pearl, such as watch faces or pendants, are usually fairly resilient but can still be scratched by metals and clasps. This material doesn’t need to breathe like solid natural pearls, so feel free to store mother of pearl jewelry in plastic bags or tightly sealing wood boxes.

Precious Metals

Finally, don’t forget to keep your gold and fine silver chains, rings, and other jewelry away from corrosive materials. You’d be surprised at what can lead to tarnish, including clean cotton wool and colored tissue paper that isn’t acid-free. Most basic jewelry drawer trays that are lined with felt or velvet include anti-tarnish treatments so you don’t need to buy individual bags or boxes for every necklace and ring.

For more information, contact a jewelry expert in your area.

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How To Build Your Craft Business

Is your dream of owning your own craft business finally coming true? Now that all the legalities are out of the way, your focus is probably on building your business. If that’s the case, from advertising to providing the right glass beads, here are some ideas that might help you to be successful in your new enterprise.

Advertising – Order small bags that display the name and logo of your business. Put a discount card in each one of them and ask all your friends and relatives to pass them out to anybody they think will be interested shopping at your store. Ask nearby businesses if you can leave the discount cards with them, too. Before your store opens, put out a sign that says something like, Be Ready For A Memorable Shopping Experience. The day before your grand opening, change the sign to say something like, Tomorrow’s Opening Day – Don’t Miss Out! On opening day, have the children of friends and family members pass out balloons inviting people to come in to shop.

Classes – From the very beginning, offer fascinating classes and demonstration. For example, if you know of an artist who uses Czech seed beads as part of the design in his or her oil paintings, ask him or her to give a demonstration of that technique. Anybody can string beads together to make a simple bracelet. However, if you know of an artisan who designs rustic bracelets using a combination of wood, ceramic and clay beads, invite that individual to teach your customers that art form.

Displays – Carry diverse merchandise that may not be found in other craft stores. Think of different ways that you can display your beads. As your customers look at the way you have set up your displays, it will be natural for them to examine what you have chosen for each area you have planned. Here are some ideas on how to display beads.

  • Beads that will be used by children will stand out when you put them on small children’s toys. For example, a tiny piece of doll furniture holding plastic beads in its drawers would be endearing to little ones.
  • One-of-a-kind pottery beads from Honduras would look very dramatic set on a shiny wooden board.
  • Stunning silver beads from Mexico would stand out when set on red, green and white fabric, the colors of the Mexican flag.
  • Draw attention to unique ceramic beads from England with a background composed of pictures of the royal family.
  • When displaying elegant Czech glass beads, set out long, formal gloves and put a Czech glass bead on every fingertip. 

Get to know your customers and their crafts well. They may become potential instructors or demonstrators in your store

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Five Unexpected And Unique Gem Jewelry For Holiday Gift-Giving

Give something different and unexpected this holiday; instead of giving the same gemstones and jewelry items, look for pieces that are less conventional. There are some striking gemstones that could comprise the piece that brings smiles, or perhaps tears, on Christmas morning. These stones vary in their availability, so talk with your jeweler to ensure you have your item in time for the holidays.

Five unexpected and distinctive jewelry ideas for holiday gift-giving include:

Chocolate diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds are a hot gemstone this holiday season, and everybody wants one of these rich, cognac-colored gemstones often found in Brazil or the Congo. Be sure that the stones that you select are naturally-colored diamonds, which will be a bit more expensive than those that are color-treated. Consider a pair of chocolate diamond solitaire earrings for her, or a sophisticated diamond tie-tack for him.

Boulder opals.

Boulder opals are fiery, magnificent stones found only in Queensland, Australia. These are gorgeous, dancing stones that appear to change colors in the depth of each stone. To fully appreciate the fire and sparkle of these gems, larger stones such as in pendants, bracelets, or rings might be the best approach for buyers.


The Bahamas are known for their Tanzanite mines, and this rich bluish-purple stone is stunning and regal. Tanzanite is often found in smaller cuts, faceted to sparkle and shine. Tanzanite would be ideal in a pair of earrings or in the accents of a watch.


Larimar is a watery-blue stone that looks very much like the area that it is found in, the Virgin Islands. This stone is typically cut and polished, rather than faceted, and it evokes a serene, tranquil mood when worn or displayed. Larimar is lovely, and looks best in bigger pieces such as in pendants, cufflinks, or rings.


Maine and Canada are recognized for some of the most beautiful and distinctive Tourmaline found. This stone can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes, and the price usually depends on a lot of factors, including availability, size, weight, and flaws. It is not unusual to find earrings and bracelets made from the smaller Tourmaline gemstones, but a pendant or ring would make a stunning gift this holiday season.

Try one of these five suggestions when looking for distinctive jewelry that will be unexpected and stunning. Talk with your jeweler about custom items that suit your recipient’s lifestyle and preferences, while highlighting the inherent beauty of these unique stones. You will be happy that you thought outside the box a bit this year when you see the smile on Christmas morning!

Contact a professional like Jeffrey-Private Jeweler for more help.

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