Buying Your Engagement Ring At A Pawn Shop

If you are preparing to buy your fiance a diamond, don't limit yourself to the jewelry store. Do consider buying it at a resale store or pawn shop. Because these establishments loan money for jewelry or buy it outright, they are able to offer you amazingly low prices for their wares. If you have a limited budget but a taste for elegance, a pawn shop can be the answer to your diamond needs.


The jewelry in these stores can often be purchased for approximately half the normal retail price. When you are in the market for an engagement ring, this price difference can enable you to buy a diamond that is twice the size of the one you originally planned. If you stick with the smaller diamond, you can take the savings and use them to pay for at least part of your wedding. Several thousand dollars can make a big dent in the reception costs. 


The quality of these rings is exactly what you would find in a jewelry store. There will be a variety of diamond sizes and settings. Some of the diamonds will be a superior cut and clarity while others will be quite inferior. You will need to know something about diamonds when you are shopping for the ring. If you are afraid of making a mistake, take along someone who is well versed in diamonds or someone who owns a high-quality diamond. You can use their stone as a comparison point for any rings you consider. For instance, you should be able to easily judge the color of the stone in this way. Do look at the diamond through a loupe to judge its interior flaws. 


You should consult with your fiance before purchasing the ring at a pawn shop. Although diamonds and gold are recycled all the time, some people have a negative view of "used" jewelry. If your fiance has a problem with the process, you should not proceed, no matter how tempting the prices are. However, many people see the practicality of this route, and will not object at all. Hopefully, your fiance is a member of the latter group. 

A pawn shop or resale shop is an excellent place to get high-quality jewelry at extremely low prices. You do need to educate yourself before you buy, but as long as you go in armed with information, your mission should be a successful and highly satisfying one. 

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