Invest In A Johnny Depp Style Skull Ring

Johnny Depp's tough image and fashion sense may have influenced you to invest in a skull ring that is similar to one that Depp wears. Consider how this actor represents himself and shop for jewelry that inspires you.

A Personal Journey

A skull ring can be used to symbolize life and death or to reflect upon a personal journey that a person has endured. Your admiration for Depp may be based on his past television and movie roles or the manner in which he interacts with his family, friends, and fans. Your personal journey can guide you toward seeking a distinct type of jewelry. If skulls have always intrigued you, consider the symbolism that you would like a new jewelry item to portray.

A skull ring may consist of a plain band, a skull, and very few embellishments. A fancy ring style may contain a detailed skull setting that features encrusted jewels and other adornments. You can have your birthstone added to a ring, to represent the month in which you were born.

A pair of crossbones or a snake can be added to a skull setting. Added details can reflect upon your strength or courage or showcase a specific interest that you have. A chunky ring style may complement a motorcycle jacket or another garment that you tend to wear frequently.

A Ring's Quality And The Shopping Process.

A jeweler may sell limited edition skull rings or ones that have been carefully crafted by a prestigious jeweler. The metal, stone, or jewel types that comprise the setting or band of a ring may influence the overall cost of a ring. Plated ring products will not be as expensive as pure metal products.

Gold, sterling silver, or platinum can be used to create each part of a ring. A valuable skull ring may contain solid gold, silver, and platinum and contain diamonds or other valuable accent pieces. A private seller of a Johnny Depp-style ring may feature products that are very similar to what the celebrity owns and wears.

If you purchase jewelry from a private seller, research the seller's reputation and attempt to make a purchase in person. If you are going to seek a skull ring through an online marketplace, only conduct transactions that are fully backed with a guarantee. A guarantee may allow you to return or exchange a skull ring that does meet your expectations.

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