4 Benefits Of Shopping For Wedding Rings Together

For many couples, popping the question with a surprise engagement ring is a romantic part of the engagement process. But before you head out to the jewelry store alone to pick out wedding rings for yourself or your fiancé, consider the value of shopping for rings together. What are the benefits of doing this as a couple? Here are four that range from financial to personal.

1. You Can Bundle Purchases

Wedding rings are often a significant investment of money for most couples. And while you usually don't want to go too cheap with your rings, saving money where possible is also a common goal. Buying rings together is an easy way to make this happen without sacrificing style. Bundle an engagement ring and wedding bands for one or both partners to get the best deal. 

2. You Know What They Want

When you take your partner or fiancé to the wedding ring store with you, you will both have more success at finding what both people really want. If you try to make this purchase alone, you're often working with only a vague idea of what your partner wants. Even if you want to buy your partner's ring as a romantic gesture, they can steer you to something that will make both of you happy. 

3. You Get Coordinated Sets

Some couples feel that if they don't want to buy a matching bridal set, there is no reason to shop together. But don't underestimate the value of coordinating your rings — either the engagement and wedding ring for one person or the choices as a couple. You might coordinate styles or motifs, metal colors, embellishments, or engravings. Going it alone makes this nearly impossible to truly get right. 

4. You Share an Important Day

Many elements of the pre-wedding season are not just tasks to be performed but rather memories to make. Ring shopping can be one of these. Make a whole day out of it, perhaps visiting other places from your romantic story or having a special meal before or afterward. Consider bringing along your engagement photographer or buying small gifts to exchange and mark the day. This is a great time to have fun and express yourself. 

Where to Start

Begin planning your wedding ring shopping excursion by visiting a jewelry store in your area today. They will help you set up a good time, learn what you need to know, and plan the perfect day.