How To Customize An Engagement Ring

Are you thinking about shopping for an engagement ring? What about customizing a ring that you know your significant other will adore? The steps to customizing an engagement ring are much simpler than you might think. In fact, it's really as simple as following these steps.

Choose a Designer

Custom designs are available from jewelers in your area, but it is important to work with somebody who has a good reputation and understands your vision. You can visit multiple designers and ask questions to see how you can best choose a ring she is sure to love.

Select a Shape

Your significant other has likely dreamed of their engagement ring for a long time, and they may have a shape that instantly appeals to them. She might love a classic teardrop, or maybe she has always wanted a princess-cut sapphire. Choose a stone and a shape for that stone with her vision in mind.

Select a Metal

Metal comes in various forms and in many colors, including yellow gold, platinum, and silver. Many women prefer the look of white gold or rose gold, both of which can be modern and sleek. Obviously, some metal choices will pair up well with specific stones.

Select a Carat Size

Some people love large stones and others prefer smaller rings. There is no perfect size, so make sure you choose a diamond that is consistent with the desires of your significant other. Carat size will also have a lot to do with your budget, so keep this in mind as well.

Choose the Band Size

Getting sizes may be tricky if you plan to make the ring a surprise, but it is always a good idea to know the ring size of your significant other. You may need to get it from a friend or relative if you want to keep the ring a surprise, but it's always a good idea to avoid resizing if possible.

Think About the Wedding Band

Will you be using a separate wedding band, or will your spouse be wearing both rings together? It is a good idea to choose a ring that will complement a wedding band so that she can continue to wear her ring even after the nuptials.

Choose Something That Speaks to the Heart

No matter what kind of ring you choose, you should always go for quality and something you think she will love. An engagement ring is an investment in your future, and it's important to consider the many options available.

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