How To Build Your Craft Business

Is your dream of owning your own craft business finally coming true? Now that all the legalities are out of the way, your focus is probably on building your business. If that's the case, from advertising to providing the right glass beads, here are some ideas that might help you to be successful in your new enterprise.

Advertising - Order small bags that display the name and logo of your business. Put a discount card in each one of them and ask all your friends and relatives to pass them out to anybody they think will be interested shopping at your store. Ask nearby businesses if you can leave the discount cards with them, too. Before your store opens, put out a sign that says something like, Be Ready For A Memorable Shopping Experience. The day before your grand opening, change the sign to say something like, Tomorrow's Opening Day - Don't Miss Out! On opening day, have the children of friends and family members pass out balloons inviting people to come in to shop.

Classes - From the very beginning, offer fascinating classes and demonstration. For example, if you know of an artist who uses Czech seed beads as part of the design in his or her oil paintings, ask him or her to give a demonstration of that technique. Anybody can string beads together to make a simple bracelet. However, if you know of an artisan who designs rustic bracelets using a combination of wood, ceramic and clay beads, invite that individual to teach your customers that art form.

Displays - Carry diverse merchandise that may not be found in other craft stores. Think of different ways that you can display your beads. As your customers look at the way you have set up your displays, it will be natural for them to examine what you have chosen for each area you have planned. Here are some ideas on how to display beads.

  • Beads that will be used by children will stand out when you put them on small children's toys. For example, a tiny piece of doll furniture holding plastic beads in its drawers would be endearing to little ones.
  • One-of-a-kind pottery beads from Honduras would look very dramatic set on a shiny wooden board.
  • Stunning silver beads from Mexico would stand out when set on red, green and white fabric, the colors of the Mexican flag.
  • Draw attention to unique ceramic beads from England with a background composed of pictures of the royal family.
  • When displaying elegant Czech glass beads, set out long, formal gloves and put a Czech glass bead on every fingertip. 

Get to know your customers and their crafts well. They may become potential instructors or demonstrators in your store