How To Use Simple Jewelry Pieces In Different Ways

Unless you have the cash to buy a lot of jewelry, you need to know how to use simple pieces in different ways. Luckily, with some planning, you can take one item and mix it with other pieces you already have to create a unique item to complement most of your clothing.

Large Pendant

A large pendant is one item you can use with multiple chains to complete different looks. You can choose a pendant that has a solid gem or one that has a decorative piece of metal such as a cross or heart. To be able to use the pendant several ways, you need to make sure that the connector or top loop is large enough for one or more chains to go through it.

The simplest way to use a pendant is to string it onto multiple chains at one time. This gives you a layered look and you can use different types of chains, such as one that is silver and one that is gold.

Another option is to string a piece of leather through the top loop of the pendant and then tie the leather strap behind your neck. Longer pieces will allow you to create different looks such as a choker or you can keep it long to create a necklace that dangles. If the strap is long enough, you can wrap it around your neck to create a layered look, while keeping the pendant as the focal point of the necklace.

Simple Chains

Simple chains are a good resource to have when your jewelry collection is limited. You can use these chains in different ways to create necklaces and bracelets. An added benefit is that you can buy these chains in both silver and gold to create unique pieces to wear with almost any outfit you own.

One option for using chains is to wear two or three of them in different sizes. You have the ability to wear one metal type or you can wear one silver chain paired with a gold chain for a layered look. Making sure that each chain is a different size will help each one stand out, while they also complement each other to complete the layered look.

Another option when it comes to chains is to wrap more than one around your wrist. This option allows you to customize a bracelet using both silver and gold chains. To customize the bracelet, you can attach small charms to the chains, which makes a unique charm bracelet suitable for any occasion.

Unless you have several unique jewelry pieces, you need to know how to create your own. Taking simple pieces like pendants and chains, you can create one of a kind pieces that should match most of the outfits you own. For more inspiration, check out companies like Touch Of Gold Fine Jewelry.